Publisher Ad Inventory And Data Monetization Practice

Digital publisher monetization is complex and dynamic. Publishers are facing higher labor and tech costs, diminished non-ad blocked impressions, lower eCPMs, continuing challenges to maximizing fill rates, and monetization partners who take more, yet pay slower than ever.

As digital publishing ad inventory and data monetization platforms have proliferated, publishers have less and less control over their own properties and are left feeling uneasy about their revenue stream. iSOCRATES is here to help you regain that control, increase your revenue and give you the peace of mind that you have a trusted partner monitoring and optimizing your revenue continuously.

Publisher Offerings

Monetization: iSOCRATES provides 100% desktop and mobile ad inventory monetization via direct and indirect demand supported by dedicated Yield Management, billing, reconciliation, accounting, and disbursement.

  • Dedicated, full-time account, yield, and audience management with optimization
  • Dedicated Ad Operations team to support Direct, Private Marketplace, Video, and all Exchange-based Sales
  • Ad tech integrations and execution support for display, video, in-app, native, bidders, header bidding, ads.txt and ad delivery
  • Google Ad Manager ad server (f/k/a DFP and Adx)
  • Google Ads (f/k/a Google Ad Words/AdSense) integration and management
  • Microsoft Advertising/OAS ad server, DSP & SSP implementation, optimization and pre.js
  • Extensive experience working with many SSPs (Index, PubMatic, Rubicon, etc.)
  • Integration and support for DSPs, bidders, ad networks, DMPs and 3rd Party tools
  • Audience and site campaign retargeting, remarketing and extension
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audience data strategy, marketing and sales
  • Implement and support tag management and optimization
  • Advertiser and agency relations
  • Management, staff augmentation, accounting, receivables, and collection

Bid Management including Header Bidding

  • iSOCRATES team will specify, implement, manage and optimize your Header Bidder, Bidder, Ad Servers and Video Ad Platforms stack
  • Provide bid waterfall set up, dynamic allocation, yield optimization, and on-going performance optimization and management

iSOCRATES MADTechAI Reporting Suite

  • iSOCRATES MADTechAI is a cloud-based unified data, analytics and reporting suite with on-demand partner and audience analytics, dashboards, scorecards and alerts
  • Digital property, campaign, content and audience analysis
  • Google, Adobe and other analytics implementation, integration, optimization and support available
  • Ad inventory forecasting and valuation available
Best Practices

Test: Every decision should be backed up by data and examples. This is achieved by constant testing.

Maintain Website Balance: The key to better monetization is balance on your site. Too many ads and you will turn away customers, too little and your revenue won’t grow.

Data Hygiene: Getting the most out of your data means filtering out the noise. Creating segments within your data helps forecast your revenue.

Reporting: The more data we have the better decisions we can make. Monthly and quarterly reports come standard.

What Makes iSOCRATES different?

Transparency: Most publishers have to trust that their monetization partners are giving them the best ROI. The iSOCRATES team reports how and why our publisher partners are receiving the most for their traffic.

24/7 monitoring of monetization reporting: Allowing us to spot issues or make changes in near real time.

  • With a global footprint, iSOCRATES is able to monitor your account 24/7/365 so you have peace of mind

Monthly/Quarterly reports: We walk you and your team through each report, so you know exactly where you stand with each partner, no upselling or excuses here…we work for you.

Technology: We make sure that all your ads/placements or widgets are compatible with your site and implement the right technology to make it work for you, no matter what.

Unbiased Opinion: Our expertise lets you know if your monetization partners are performing up to industry standards. Just because you have used them before doesn’t mean they are delivering the best results for you now.

  • iSOCRATES works for you, and we strive to make sure you have everything you need to make educated tactical and strategic decisions about your business

Data Management: Publisher’s customers are full of important information. What you do with customer data iSOCRATES works for you, and we strive to make sure you have everything you need to make educated tactical and strategic decisions about your business

Accountability: Bugs, glitches and errors happen, and when they do, results are revenue loss. Routinely publisher’s partners don’t or won’t take accountability.

  • We hold your monetization partners accountable for revenue lost due to their issues
  • We work with you and your partners tech teams to make sure we do everything in our power to maximize revenue, including back up monetization options
Relevant Experience

Our team has well over 20 years of experience in managing monetization for some of the largest publishers on the planet as well as mid-size and smaller firms serving U.S. and global markets, English language and non-English language.

iSOCRATES has been involved in every aspect of publisher monetization: direct, Ad Networks, RTB, Header Bidding, Waterfall Mediation, Push Notifications, Retargeting, audience development, and platform relationship management.

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