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Know Your Market Inside Out with Data Analytics

Gain the competitive edge and maximize the real estate investor, prospect, and renter experience using the power of data. Connect to all your data sources to get a unified picture of your accounts, marketing initiatives and operations and drive data-driven decision-making across your real estate business.

With iSOCRATES consultancy and managed services in data analytics, data tech, and MADTech, you can consolidate, automate and optimize the performance of your real estate asset portfolio, leasing and property management, reach new prospects, and align customer journeys without missing a beat.

Transform Real Estate with Insights

The right data solution empowers real estate business teams to make informed decisions across the board from managing commercial, renter, single-family, multi-family, senior, investor or student properties, to operational excellence and risk assessment to maximize returns.

Customer Experience and Marketing

  • Analyze historical data and renter behavior to personalize offerings, improve tenant experiences and reduce turnover.
  • Build data-driven marketing campaigns, to boost lead generation and conversions and get higher ROI compared to traditional marketing campaigns.
  • Analyze tenant behavior to identify retention factors, empowering proactive tenant concern resolution and increasing loyalty and lease renewals.

Operational Efficiency and Asset Performance

  • Optimize resources and reduce operational costs with predictive maintenance models.
  • Make strategic investment choices with market research, trend analysis, and real-time data analysis
  • Increase competitiveness and cost savings with workflow automation

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making

  • Conduct property risk assessments by analyzing market volatility, vacancy rates, and property performance.
  • Minimize risk exposure with comprehensive market data and analysis
  • Adjust strategy with actionable insights and predictive analytics to respond to market changes
Leverage the iSOCRATES solution

At iSOCRATES, we offer a comprehensive suite of data tech solutions backed by our longstanding experience in the marketing and advertising technology industry to turbocharge your real estate business.

Our established partnerships and certifications with industry leaders like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake and BI platforms Tableau, Power BI, and Sisense help us create the customized solution that is best suited for your business. Our services for the real estate include, but are not limited to:

Data-Driven Insights and Optimization: We whitelabel or customize existing AI solutions to leverage real-time data, and market trends to present insights that will prompt action to help your real estate business scale up or down with agility. Further, you can automate reporting, and optimization to respond to dynamic environments.

Data Management/Integration: Connect to all your data across your property and assets, operational and financial data, marketing, and CRM to optimize your portfolio performance. We cleanse and prep your data and can do the heavy lifting for warehousing and engineering.

Advanced Technology Solutions: Our market-leading technology solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the real estate industry. These technologies may include predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data visualization tools that help clients stay ahead of the competition.

Risk Management and Compliance: iSOCRATES offers risk assessment and compliance solutions to help clients navigate complex regulatory environments and proactively address potential risks.

Tailored Support and Solutions: We provide scalable and customizable solutions with ongoing management, support, and enterprise training to ensure that clients maximize the value of their data analytics investment.

Smarter Decisions, Bigger Returns with iSOCRATES

At iSOCRATES, we offer consultancy and managed services on a global delivery model for significant time and cost savings so you can get your systems up and running efficiently. As the leading consultancy in the marketing and advertising technology industry, we present strong technical expertise with the marketing know-how that provides the edge in the highly competitive real estate landscape.

Let us partner with you in transforming your real estate business into a data-driven powerhouse. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help your real estate business thrive.

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