Sisense Infusion Apps

Infusion Apps from Sisense empower organizations to democratize their data by leveraging preexisting software, enabling the adoption and customization of applications and artificial intelligence / machine learning solutions outside of centralized dashboards and tools and into the hands of everyday business users.

As a result of Infusion Apps, data intermediaries are reduced to a minimum by enabling self-service using existing tools, resulting in no need to learn new skills.

For reporting or comparison, Sisense creates a single source of truth by combining data from disparate sources.

With ease of access, you can not only work with data more efficiently, but also drive conversations and support decisions. 

Data Democratization Challenges

  • Only 10-20% of knowledge workers develop the required skills to use BI tools effectively. 
  • Poor data literacy is ranked as the 2nd biggest internal roadblock to the success of the CDO’s office. 
  • On average, organizations only use 50% of all available information for decision-making. 
  • 44% of time is being wasted every week because data workers are unsuccessful in their activities. 

Infusion Apps allows you to skip the CSV export, and get live data delivered through your organizations pre existing software using a portfolio of extensions for common communication and productivity tools (Microsoft Office, Google Sheets and Slides, Teams and Slack). Rather than navigating through your dedicated business intelligence portal Infusion Apps enables immediate business intelligence for precise decision support. For example a project manager is able to enter a single statement in Slack in order to see his team’s progress in Jira or a business development representative is able to pull a list of their active leads and their contact information from Salesforce using a single one line command in Microsoft Teams or Slack. 

Infusion Apps solve for the following:

  • Data Accessibility 
    • Does everyone in an organization have access to the data and metrics that matters most for doing their job? 
  • Decision Support
    • Can each person in the organization utilize data to make decisions? 
  • Data Literacy 
    • Is everyone in the organization able to read, write and communicate data in context? 
  • Operational Efficiency
    • Are systems setup in a way that reduces waste in time and effort to analyze data and derive insights? 

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