SisenseTM Practice

iSOCRATES® has been a longstanding partner and customer of Sisense, offering unwavering support since the inception of its Linux product in 2018. Our collaboration extends across various regions, including North America, Canada, South America, and the Asia-Pacific (APAC), ensuring a broad and effective reach to our customer base.

iSOCRATES employees possess extensive training and experience with partner and in-house deployments applying directly relevant skills and capabilities including:

Our team is composed of dozens of professionals, each Sisense-certified and skilled in a variety of disciplines and products. We apply this wealth of knowledge to support not only North American, but also international partners, addressing the complex data technology needs across an extensive spectrum of industries. Our expertise is not limited to any specific sector, enabling us to serve a broad array of clients that include, but are not limited to, publishers, marketers, agencies, data technology providers, consultants, and many other professionals who seek robust data solutions.

iSOCRATES continuously delivers Sisense partner’s strategic or operational media and marketing consulting, implementation, ongoing process execution, and staff augmentation. From evaluation to contracting, from conducting training programs to optimization, from ongoing outsourcing to select staff augmentation, iSOCRATES is proud of our track record of sustained partner success.

As marketing technology, ad technology and operations specialists, we take pride in our extensive up-to-date training and our current and historical experience with architecting, building, delivering, optimizing, documenting, and supporting the full range of Sisense Windows and Linux products, including:

iSOCRATES also has expert-level knowledge and hands-on experience using other Sisense and Sisense-certified products. We actively support the following:

  • Sisense API Development
  • Sisense Embedding
  • Sisense Partner Integrations
  • Sisense-SalesforceTM
  • Sisense-AdobeTM
  • Sisense-GoogleTM
  • Sisense-AWS
  • Sisense-Azure
  • Sisense Custom Integration

Partner Contact: Austin Koring

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: (717) 368-9666

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