Strategy and Operations Consulting

Our MRPETM Methodology: Strategy and Operations

Our outcomes-oriented iSOCRATES methodology is hands-on, not outsourced, theoretical, or impractical. It derives from iSOCRATES consultants who eat their own cooking having been senior corporate and operating executives with extensive current global digital media and marketing managed services experience.


Our MADTech Resource Planning and ExecutionTM (MRPE) framework is composed of systematic methods that have been developed and proven successful over decades of tough lessons learned and hard-earned accomplishments in private entrepreneurial speed-to-market and public company, more process-oriented environments. Measurable partner success is our key metric and defines our organizational purpose and culture.


iSOCRATES has created and tested successfully a variety of valuable, proprietary strategic and operations tools like assessment surveys, maturity maps and resource planning models, and digital transformation strategies built to achieve shareholder value creation. These gains typically derive from derive new and improved revenue models and greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness.


Whether you are seeking game-changing growth and innovation, to benchmark and compare best practices, evaluate your own or other organizations, or train staff, iSOCRATES is a proven, affordable resource with a proud legacy of delivering results worldwide since 2015.


To build and deliver the exceptional work consulting client-partners’ have come to expect from us, iSOCRATES leverages, where appropriate, our team of senior, highly accomplished executives, our deep bench of experienced specialists, and a well-placed global network built over decades.


iSOCRATES lives on real-time, cloud-based tracking and reporting systems 24/7/365 with always-on updating and communications availability. iSOCRATES often is its client-partners‘ best source of market/product intelligence, strategy and process mapping and improvements, and feedback. iSOCRATES prides itself on its transparency and accountability. Our leadership team has spent decades expecting from ourselves–and demanding from our reports–directness, responsibility, and living one’s commitment delivering truly outstanding results.


Our Approach

iSOCRATES consulting teams approach these challenges by offering client-partners deeply experienced subject matter experts, proven successful engagement teams, and interim senior management with a multidisciplinary, multifunctional and systematic approach to problem solving and value creation.


The iSOCRATES approach—while purpose built to each client-partners’ specific needs and interests—often follows a similar course:

  • Assessment (including Audit)
  • Strategy Development
  • Playbook (including detailed Action Plan)
  • Deployment (e.g., staff augmentation and organizational development, including executive and team recruitment and training)

There are insufficient proven, relevant professionals and teams available to marketers, publishers, agencies and enablers to meet the end-to-end challenges of evaluating, planning, deploying, and optimizing media and marketing automation and operations.


iSOCRATES consulting teams fill this need by offering deeply experienced subject matter experts, proven successful engagement teams, and interim senior management with a multidisciplinary, multifunctional approach to solving these problems for partners.


Recent iSOCRATES Consulting Partner Experience

North American and EMEA advisory client-partners include: private and publicly-held operating companies, data/technology vendors, major management consultants, start-ups, and private equity and venture capital investment firms.


Our 50+ completed and current MADTech and non-MADTech digital media, marketing, and data/analytic-related engagements include:

  • Corporate strategic and operational assessments
  • Acquisition and investment strategy, target development, analysis, negotiation
  • Digital business plan creation and review
  • Digital product development reviews and plans
  • Organizational design and development
  • Data/measurement, data acquisition, data monetization and analytic planning and productization
  • Traffic and inventory valuation and monetization
  • Sales and channel partner development
  • Process mapping and optimization
  • Vendor selection
  • Project management, program management, and staff augmentation
  • Investment and acquisition due diligence


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