Hybrid In-Housing

The iSOCRATES Guide to Hybrid In-Housing
An introduction to MADTech

Is your organization seeking to elevate operational efficiency and agility, innovate sourcing approaches, and gain a sustainable, scaleable competitive edge? Learn from JP Morgan Chase, TikTok, Nestlé, and Vodafone among others as they adopted a hybrid in-housing model to reduce costs, scale up and reach new organizational performance heights. Explore how hybrid in-housing offers the best of both worlds – internal knowledge, control, and transparency – and external partner expertise and lower costs through our in-depth white paper.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding Hybrid In-Housing: Explore the components of hybrid sourcing, key drivers for adoption, and a comparative analysis with traditional sourcing models.
  • Benefits: Uncover the cost-effectiveness, scalability, access to diverse talent pools, and competitive advantages offered by hybrid models.
  • Domestic and Offshore Sourcing: Delve into the advantages, challenges, and strategies for identifying suitable functions within both domestic and offshore models.
  • Building Your Strategy: Learn how to construct a customized hybrid in-housing model, backed by successful case studies from industry giants like TikTok, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Vodafone, AbInBev, and Nestlé.
  • Mitigating Risks and Future Outlook: Understand the risks involved, strategies to mitigate them, and get insights into future trends shaping the global workforce management landscape.
  • Technology Essentials: Assess the technology stack, ensure data security and compliance in a hybrid model, and integrate IT infrastructure for seamless operations.
  • Talent Management Strategies: Recruit, train, and retain talent for both domestic and offshore teams, bridge cultural and communication gaps, and create a unified team culture.
  • Performance Metrics and Optimization: Establish performance metrics for domestic and offshore teams, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the hybrid in-housing model, and continuously improve and optimize strategies.

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The iSOCRATES Guide to Hybrid In-Housing

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