Visitor/Member/Donor Profiling, Segmentation, Scoring, and Lookalikes

Effective marketing requires better identifying your most engaged audiences. Profiling and segmentation helps organizations send more tailored and relevant communications to visitors, members, and donors. By grouping people according to their similarities, marketers can target the right people and communicate more efficiently. Developing and using an audience profile to reach similar individuals/households/devices leads to better and more fruitful marketing.

Audience Profiling
  • Understand engagement frequency, visitations, purchases, use of discounts and promotions, email touchpoints, membership tiers, tenure, etc.
  • Understand demographic, behavior, psychographics, lifestyle/interests, geo-location, and media consumption characteristics including age group, gender, presence of children, household income, net worth, etc.
Audience Segmentation
  • Cluster similar audiences by types, behaviors, traits, locations, value, etc. to help develop and analyze cohorts to improve creative effectiveness and marketing efficiency.
Lifetime Value(LTV) Modeling
  • Identify the lifetime value of visitor/member/donor segments, including the most frequent and the highest value visitors, members, or donors that have the greatest potential to grow/increase.
Audience Scoring & Lookalikes
  • Develop an Audience Engagement Score for each person/household that predicts the level of engagement and value – based on key factors that influence engagement such as visit frequency, timing, purchasing, use of discounts/promotions, email engagement, and other factors
  • Scores are used to identify key segments, such as members that are most engaged, members that have the greatest potential to grow/increase their engagement
  • Build Lookalikes from scored audiences; determine Size of Market and Size of Prize Overall and by Segment
A Sampling of Data Inputs
  • Visitation (recency, frequency, breadth of activity)
  • Donation (amount, recency, frequency)
  • Membership (tenure, membership level)
  • Revenue (ticket sales, membership fees, donations)
  • Email Interactions (open rates, click rates)
  • Paid media (spend, impressions, click through rates, member acquisition rates by channel)
  • Audience (demographics, psychographics, geo-location, etc.)

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