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MarTech and AdTech (MAdTech) can be complex and expensive. Appropriate staffing can also be hard to source, train and retain.

iSOCRATES proudly offers proven, dedicated and cost-effective onshore-offshore 24/7/365 evaluation, selection, implementation, optimization, training, and support for the full range of ZetaTM marketing technology and ad technology products and solutions.

Zeta brand products and solutions serve the MAdTech market exclusively. iSOCRATES’s Global Delivery and Partner Success teams offer planning and execution on your Platform(s) or ours. iSOCRATES is a unique, reliable end-to-end Zeta specialist with numerous referenceable accounts, including Zeta.

iSOCRATES employees possess years of experience with dozens of partner and in-house deployments applying directly relevant MadTech skills and capabilities.

Much goes into making any Zeta evaluation, implementation or ongoing support successful. Our Zeta specialists help partners with:

  • Marketing Automation (Email and Social Media)
  • Zeta DSP (Programmatic Display, Video, etc.)
  • Zeta Data Cloud (including DMP)
  • Connected Email (retargeting)
  • Direct Mail
  • CRM
  • Creative Services
  • Data Services

Zeta DSP

  • Dedicated, full-time Campaign Management, Optimization and Ad Operations teams to support Direct, Header bidder, Private Marketplace, Video, and Exchange-based buying
  • Ad tech integrations and execution support for display, video, in-app, native, bidders, header bidding, ads.txt and ad delivery
  • Google Ad Manager ad server integration (f/k/a DFP and DFA)
  • Integration and support for 3rd Party tools
  • Audience and site campaign retargeting, remarketing and extension
  • Implement and support tag management and optimization

Formerly known as Sizmek/RocketFuel/x+1, Zeta DSP offers you the power and the control of AI with the option to use standard or real-time AI-driven capabilities where and when it makes the most sense. Zeta DSP enables you to harness AI to execute higher-performing media by enabling more data and integrating with its market-leading creative platform. Zeta gives you the option of using all of your data to make more personalized and effective connections, so you can truly inspire audiences.

The Zeta DSP difference

The Zeta DSP was built from the ground up with Artificial Intelligence at its core. Over the past decade, Zeta and its predecessors invested more than $200 million. This experience means something -- since they’ve been at it for longer, their AI system has had 10+ years to mature, evolve, and prove itself across tens of thousands of campaigns. This unmatched technology results in better performance across multiple objectives because the platform can respond faster and consider more data.

  • Real-time AI decisioning: Smarter targeting decisions and unrivaled results across multiple KPIs. Campaign performance improves as learnings increase: Zeta’s AI identifies the key performance signals and uses these learnings to improve ad targeting and efficiency
  • Intelligent bidding methodology: Dynamic bidding drives greater campaign efficiency with each impression opportunity uniquely scored at bid time
  • Identify insights across the 5 Cs of data: Campaigns, customers, context, creative and costs. See the predictive power of every data attribute
  • More campaign data, readily available at your fingertips: Understand exactly where your dollars are going, who’s responding, and how it all fits together

The Zeta DSP enables partners to: 1) uncover new audiences/customers with AI-driven discovery, 2) create meaningful audience/customer experiences, and 3) gain a clear understanding of media delivery, costs and impact.

Cross-Device Optimization and Attribution: Unlock the power of cross-device data and targeting to drive real performance:

1) Predictive Marketing and Tech: Unified profiles leverage 60-200% more data for enhanced decisioning.

2) Built to Drive Performance: No other company is able to optimize cross-device performance metrics like Zeta.

3) Greater Scale, Better Accuracy: The most accurate probabilistic cross-device data, with much greater reach than other measured companies using probabilistic data.

4) Cross-Device Attribution: Link conversions happening on one device to impressions from another device (e.g., a desktop conversion influenced by a mobile ad).

Benefits of Cross-Device Optimization: 1) Better Performance (25-35% average lift in conversions versus single-device campaigns (when using cross-device attribution), 2) Valuable Insights (understand which devices are driving performance, the influence of Unified Profiles, and the optimal media mix for your other campaigns), 3) Cross-device Reporting (accurately attribute each impression’s influence on conversion no matter where the ad was served or where the conversion occurred).

Dynamic Creative drives performance by creating personalized messages to audiences in the moments that matter most. Single and Multi-Objective Campaign Optimization of partner objectives and primary and secondary goals. Multi-Objective optimization enables campaigns to achieve multiple goals without sacrificing reach or efficiency.

Performance, Scale and Speed are the keys to Zeta’s Dynamic Creative. Performance: Use Zeta’s Moment Scoring technology to intelligently predict the products that will drive the most sales. Scale: SmartGrid technology enables dynamic layouts allowing advertisers to easily scale to many ad sizes automatically. Speed: Turnkey solution is streamlined and easy to set up so that dynamic creative can be set up and running in days, not months.

Multi-Objective Optimization enables campaigns to achieve multiple goals without sacrificing reach or efficiency. Ideal for campaigns with dual goals such as Viewability and VCR, or Viewability and In-Target Rate. Campaign wide optimization for any media plan means it can deliver greater reach and effectiveness than segments approach.

Zeta DSP offers many partner integrations and an open platform ecosystem with open APIs. It connects to over 50 audience and other data providers and over 200+ ad exchanges’ premium ad inventory.

Zeta Data Cloud

The Zeta Data Cloud is a unique People-Based Marketing solution which enables iSOCRATES partners who have access to it the opportunity to: 1) manage disparate data associated with current customers, and 2) use Zeta’s data and tools to acquire new partners and activate existing accounts, and 3) maximize customer LTV.

This platform, which is a comprehensive Customer Data Platform (CDP), provides access to consumer and business-to-business Personally Identifiable (PII) and non-Personally Identifiable (non-PII) data at scale along with a powerful set of modeling tools that are integrated directly to a wide range of single media channel and cross-media activation tools like DSPs, Email, Social, and Direct Mail.

Identify audiences with Zeta’s extensive deterministic (not probabilistic) data and gain deeper first party audience and customer insights into things like demographics, psychographics, lifestyles, media consumption, attitudes, and behaviors leveraging Zeta’s 2 billion unique monthly users who generate more than 12 billion monthly content consumption signals, 300 m+ connected IDs, and 2500+ data elements per user.

As importantly, put the power of Zeta’s 750+ million permissioned user database to work for you sending messages at key ‘moments of truth’ to drive desired behavior cost-effectively and privacy compliant. The Zeta Data Cloud is a powerful combination Data Management Platform (DMP), email and direct mail list provider, and AI-based modeling tool provider.

iSOCRATES makes the Zeta Data Cloud available on a standalone basis or integrated to other analytical or activation platforms on both a licensed self-service and managed service basis. Partners often choose to use the Zeta Data Cloud and Zeta DSP and Zeta email integrated together for maximum utility.

Zeta Email

The Zeta platform is one of the oldest and largest complete end-to-end email software and service providers with an outstanding record of performance and delivery to both consumers and businesses.

iSOCRATES has deep Zeta Email and Marketing Automation subject matter expertise, experience and teams focused on serving publishers, marketers, agencies and suppliers 24/7/365 worldwide. iSOCRATES offers end-to-end email services, including delivery, staffed by these full-time, dedicated Zeta specialists:

  • Account Manager
  • Project Lead
  • Campaign Manager
  • Graphic/Creative Designer
  • Email Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • HTML Coder
  • Data Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Sr. Data Developer to generate custom reports using SQL
  • Software Engineer to work on client-side/server-side scripting for creating dynamic email/newsletters
  • Other 3rd party tools and products
  • Second party and third-party data augmentation
  • Litmus support
  • Email Marketing strategy

Some of the other work done by these resources includes:

  • Design email and display creatives
  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • Data Hygiene
  • Improve deliverability

iSOCRATES Creative Services and Development teams design, build and code/transcode email, social, banner, video, native, audio, and digital out of home creatives for a variety of scenarios:

  • Design, build and code/transcode effective email, banner and video creatives
  • Convert provided design file into optimised HTML email format with click to call action
  • Convert wire image to email creative
  • Gather requirements from multiple sources and build the creative
  • Well-versed in creating desktop as well as responsive email builds
  • Creatives are tested in multiple browsers, devices and email partners to make sure there are no rendering issues before final deployment
  • Banner creation for display and paid social creatives
  • Transcode and create all commercial video, audio, digital out of home, and Advanced TV/OTT formats
  • Access to creative resources, including copy, photography, video creation and editing

What Makes iSOCRATES Different?

Transparency: Most partners have to trust that their martech and ad tech vendors are giving them the best ROI. The iSOCRATES team reports to our business partners in detail the how, what, where, when, and why of their campaigns in whatever manner, when and how often they wish.

24/7/365 Availability: Allowing us to create ads, plan, execute, optimize and to spot issues/opportunities or make campaign changes in near real-time. With a global footprint, iSOCRATES is also able to monitor, report and analyze around the clock so you have peace of mind.

Technology: We make sure that all your ads/placements or widgets are compatible with your site  and implement the right technology to make it work for you, no matter what.

Turnkey: Our robust platform allows you to get a feel for your target audience, customizing it before you send. iSOCRATES ensures your campaign is a success, allowing access to targeted email segments, optimizing your email template, and managing your campaign.

Pricing Flexibility: iSOCRATES partners benefit from our willingness to structure arrangements based upon a wide range of pricing models from which partners may select: percentage of spend, CPM, number of campaigns, or Full Time Equivalent (FTE).

iSOCRATES works for you, and we strive to make sure you have everything you need to make educated strategic and tactical decisions about your business.

Relevant Experience

Our team has many years of experience in managing planning and buying for some of the largest brands and agencies on the planet as well as mid-size and smaller firms serving U.S. and global markets.

iSOCRATES is involved in every aspect of Media with a specific focus on performance-based and multi-channel campaigns and related reporting and analytics.

In-House or Outsourced, let iSOCRATES Help You Plan and Execute

Just as sports equipment can vary by purpose and circumstance, partner needs and budgets can vary. Our engagement teams typically:

  • Provide an Assessment, Strategy, Playbook or Evaluation/Selection/Contracting
  • Optimize an existing instance or process
  • Implement a new instance of a Zeta platform or product
  • Administer and manage all things Zeta end-to-end or as much or as little as the partner requires for as long as needed

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